Look Back and Laugh Books
About Look Back and Laugh

Look Back and Laugh is a small publishing house based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The primary focus of LBAL is to publish our own work as well as work we respect and like.

We collaborate with very different artists, from illustrators, painters, graphic designers and photographers. The first editions explored what a zine can be and how the form can be explored and turned around. In the last couple of years we try to go beyond those limitations and while we still try to do the most of the process by ourselves, we try to merge the line between zines and artists books.

Since Look Back and Laugh also shares members with riso art collective Riso Paradiso, most of the last editions were printed with risograph duplicator. Apart from that we always try to experiment with different bindings, paper and format.

We are open to submissions but we cannot promise we will reply or release any of the proposals. You can contact us at lbalbooks@gmail.com

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