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Zoran Lucić, The Loneliness of the Sub Goalkeeper

Soccer in itself can be pretty boring. In certain games, nothing much happens on the field. Sure, Barca's tiki-taka or Arsenal's Wengerball were mesmerising to watch and it's always nice to see a burst of activity when two teams really go for it, but sometimes soccer can get plain dull. Its redeemers are its best players, its stars whose dazzling skills transform stasis into explosions heard around the world. Games, seasons and even trophies slowly drift into oblivion while moments of individual brilliance remain etched in our collective memory.

Maradona's and Messi's mazing runs, Zlatan's scissor kick, Bergkamp's flick against Newcastle and Roberto Carlos's swerving free kicks are iconic moments that will never be forgotten. In a way, soccer is all about the spectacle of a monumental image frozen in time. It lends itself to the t-shirt-worthy, the bedroom-wall-ready. With his work,

Zoran Lucić breathes new life into the sometimes staid aesthetics of soccer. Legends like Cruyff and Iniesta and cult heroes like Safet Sušić and Eric Cantona all get their deserved place on a pedestal, while the beautiful game finally gets a visual accompaniment worthy of its split seconds of magic.

80 pages
190x265 mm
Soft bound, eight-color risograph
200 copies, February 2020 
ISBN 978-961-94711-5-9
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