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Braulio Amado, Balde de Merda

Braulio Amado is a Portuguese living and working in New York. You might know him from playing in punk bands like Adorno or Papaya or you might have seen some of the gig posters he frequently designs. He also does some very crazy and next-level-shit illustrations in Bloomberg Businessweek where he works as an art director.

Balde de Merda is the name of a zine pack which contains three zines and three prints, all made with risograph. While two of the zines contain his illustrative and abstract explorations, the third one contains strictly photographic material taken at Owl parties he organizes with his friends where he does drunk caricatures of strangers.

Disclaimer: please note this is not a professionally printed offset publication but a punk fanzine printed on 30 years old riso machine. There are imperfections on prints and zines might leave some color on your fingers.
3x risograph zines
3x risograph prints
100 copies, 2016

Sold out